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Technology in the Classroom
This video explains the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom, as well as explaining the steps you need to take in order to ...
Wicked Websites: GoNoodle
Fantastic website used as a digital exercise tool! (Not sponsored)
Incorporating Hands On Learning in the Classroom!
In this video I will discuss nine ways that you can incorporate hands on learning in your primary school classroom!
Super Styles: Half-up bunchies/braided hairstyle for staff or students!
Half-up bunchies/braided hairstyle for staff or students!
The Importance of Building Rapport Within Education
It is so important to have a good rapport with your students and their parents/guardians.
Wicked Website: Natural Reader
Fantastic website for text to speech reading in class! (Not sponsored)
Benefits of Personalised Learning
There are so many benefits of personalised learning in the classroom. What benefits have you seen?
Six Steps to Being a Happier Teacher
Put yourself first!
Wicked Website - Word Wall
Wicked Websites - Word Wall Fantastic website for interactive lesson resources! (Not sponsored)
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