My Books

My books focus upon helping children understand their emotional wellbeing and look at social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) aspects of life.

Melody The Mean Mermaid

Melody the Mean Mermaid struggles with making friends and thinks being silly or mean is the way to go. Join Melody on her journey, discover what happens when you are mean to those you call friends and what happens when you begin to recognise your mistakes.

Anna The Angry Alien

Anna the Angry Alien struggles with her emotions and self-confidence. Join Anna’s journey as she competes in the Big Galaxy Race! Read along as she learns about being confident and putting in hard work during a challenging situation.

COMING SOON!Cooper The Courageous!

Keep an eye out for our latest book!

Follow Cooper’s journey as he faces his fears and learns how to be brave and courageous at such a young age!


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