Fidgeting to Focus: A Review of Fidget Toys for the Primary Classroom

As teachers and educators, we are constantly searching for ways to engage and support our students in the classroom. This is particularly important for students with ADHD, anxiety, or other conditions that affect attention and focus. One tool that has gained popularity in recent years are fidget toys. But what are fidget toys, and how can they help our students in the classroom?

Using Fidget Toys in the Classroom

Fidget toys, also known as stress balls or sensory toys, have gained popularity in recent years as a tool for helping individuals manage anxiety, stress, and boredom. While they are often associated with children and individuals with special educational needs, fidget toys can also be a useful tool for students of all ages in the classroom. In this blog post, we will discuss the use of fidget toys in the classroom and provide some tips for how to effectively incorporate them into your teaching.


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